Tilt and Counterweight Garage Doors

Each individually made for your specific design!

Tilt and Counterweight Garage Doors

Custom Garage Doors - Tilt & Counterweight Garage Doors

High quality Australian Made products by the RJ Garage Doors Team!

The RJ Garage Doors Team is proud to manufacture and install quality Australian Made Tilt and Counterweight Garage Doors. Each Garage Door is individually designed and manufactured for each customer's specific needs and design wants.

The custom designed Tilt or Counterweight Garage Doors usually open as one panel that will move vertically up and over head, sitting parallel to and underneath the ceiling when open. The benefit of a Tilt or Counterweight Garage Door is that it can be engineered and constructed to specifically hold a certain weight or certain materials. This means that RJ Garage Doors can design the framework and garage door system to suit the desired cladding for the garage door. Allowing you to create a unique garage door that will either stand out or blend in perfectly with your home!

Occasionally there may be limitations on weight or fixture methods, particular for extremely heavy materials, this is to ensure a good product life and functionality to the garage door system.

Tilt and Counterweight Garage Doors

RJ Garage Doors works with engineers to assist in the design process to ensure the framing is structurally correct for the specified cladding and cladding method. The RJ Garage Doors team can then work with you to ensure that we achieve your desired design and you have a great functioning garage door. For the larger scale Counterweight garage doors, RJ Garage Doors can also include custom weights and door automation system to support a heavier weight of the cladding and the garage door frame.

Customised Sectional Garage Doors are also available, helping to achieve a specific design but with custom garage door operating systems and hardware. This can be great for larger commercial garage doors that are a part of an architectural project, that want the garage door to blend into the façade, rather than stand out.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tilt & Counterweight Garage Doors

What kind of options are available with Custom Tilt & Counterweight Garage Doors?

Countless as you can customise the garage door to almost any style!

The RJ Garage Doors Team have worked with builders, home owners and architects to achieve a wide range of designs of completely customised tilt and counterweight garage doors!
We will discuss with you your functional needs as well as your design wants, so that our team can provide you with a variety of quote options. While occasionally a design isn't achieved to still remain functional, the RJ Garage Doors Team will still find a garage door solution for you.

Do we have these doors in stock?

No, as each Tilt or Counterweight Garage Door is custom made

We don't keep any styles in stock as each one of these doors has been custom for each client.
This is achieved through collaboration with builders, architects and home owners who have a design in mind and we help them achieve that end result.

What information is needed to quote a custom product?

The more information you can give us the better!

When discussing a custom Garage Door or Gate there is a range of information that can help us give your the most accurate information and costing.
This includes any style you're looking at, possibly cladding options, the size (height and width) of the garage opening and the average use of the garage door.
We can help you through the process to, but these details can help us in the earlier stages and we will then work with you to collect more information and narrow down as specific quote or option for you!

What type of Cladding can go on a Tilt or Counterweight Garage Door?

Almost anything is possible!

The biggest factor that will influence the garage door design is the weight of the material as the heavier the cladding is, can influence the structural design and hardware needed. Some common types of materials RJ Garage Doors seen are Ply Doors with Custom Mouldings, Wooden Battens, Red Cedar Wood, Patterned Perforated Steel and ColorBond steel.

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Each individually made for your specific design!

Tilt and Counterweight Garage Doors

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