Roller Garage Doors

Australian Made, the classic Roller Garage Door

Roller Garage Doors

Australian Roller Garage Doors

Available in Residential, Commercial and Fenceline installation options - Australia's classic Roller Garage Door.

The Roller Garage Doors is one of the most common and the most know garage doors in Australia. A classic Australian garage door, that provides security to any garage door space, commercial garage or fence line. The applications of the roller garage door are extensive but the three main uses are commonly:

  • Residential Roller Garage Door - Transform a Carport into a secure space, update your current Roller Garage Door or add it to your latest build.
  • Commercial Roller Garage Door - Perfect for commercial sheds or adding security to a warehouse.
  • Fenceline Roller Door - This is a easy and compact substitution for a gate, perfect for laneways.

Each of the Roller Garage Doors is made with a ColorBond steel finish to provide you with a long-lasting garage door that requires minimal maintenance. The Roller Garage Doors are constructed from Colorbond Steel of the highest quality from Bluescope Steel, which is known for its endurance, quality and an extensive range of ColorBond colours

With a great range of ColorBond colours available, you can match the colour your roller door easily to your home.

Roller Garage Doors

The Fenceline Roller Garage Doors can also include a custom built steel canopy to help protect your garage door system from the hard Australian weather. This helps protect the garage door and help provide the roller garage door with a good product life, smooth travel and above all, security to your home. RJ Garage Doors also assists with either a round canopy (shaped like a semi-circle) or a square canopy for Fenceline Roller Doors.

The RJ Garage Doors Team can also quote other items you may need, such as posts, fascia or flashing. These items help not only with the structure of the installed garage door but also to leave you with a beautiful installed and finished roller garage door!

Browse the Photo Gallery and Brochure of the Roller Garage Doors and contact RJ Garage Doors today!

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Features of Roller Garage Doors

Flexible Sealing Strip

To protect from dust and leaves getting into your garage, a flexible sealing strip is added along the bottom width of the garage door curtain.

Strength and Style

The Roller Door includes the deepest door profile in Australia of 21mm, that provides strength and rigidity. Available in a range of ColorBond finishes, this provides you with a roller garage door that not only looks great but will also provide you and your family with a safe and secure garage door.

Balance and Long life

The garage door system is balanced with springs that ensure the door runs smoothly every time, maximising its performance for up to 20,000 door cycles. This ensures the great life of the door.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roller Garage Doors

Do you need to have a Motor with a Roller Garage Door?

No, you don't need a motor for a Roller Garage Door!

You can have the roller door and then add a locking bar, rather than a motor.
The springs inside the barrel of the roller door do some of the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to manually open the roller door if you do not want an automatic motor.

What is a Canopy?

A Canopy is a constructed covering like a small roof over a fenceline roller door.

This helps to protect the door system from the weather and provide a longer product life.
RJ Garage Doors also assists with either a round canopy (shaped like a semi-circle) or a square canopy, for Fenceline Roller Doors

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Australian Made, the classic Roller Garage Door

Roller Garage Doors

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