Commercial & Industrial Doors

German Design and Excellence. Setting a new standard for Commercial & Industrial Doors

Commercial & Industrial Doors

Commercial & Industrial Doors

The Commercial & Industrial Doors allow for a large range of highly customisable to suit all your needs!

RJ Garage Doors offers the complete collection of 4Ddoors Commercial and Industrial garage doors, featuring superior German design and complete with a range of benefits such as thermally insulated sectional doors in an amazing variety of materials, including surface mounted glazed doors!

The range of Industrial Sectional Garage Doors offers not only steel Sectional Doors but also aluminium framed or surface mounted glazed doors. Glazed doors are also available in a mix of transparency and mirroring, which can suit a great range of businesses, such as warehouses, workshops or showrooms!

The range includes a variety of additional products such as wicket doors (door in door) that make pedestrian accessibility effortless and safe! This is a unique access solution, a door within a door, that is only available in Australia through 4Ddoors products. Not to mention the incredible product features including thermal insulation, user-friendly equipment, safe operation and break in resistance to name a few!

Types of Commercial and Industrial Garage Doors available at RJ Garage Doors:

  • Industrial Sectional Garage Doors - This collection of sectional garage doors for industrial applications includes thermal insulation, glass panel garage doors, and garage door designs, colours and finishes that help complete a building façade perfectly. To see the entire range and options available with the 4Ddoors Industrial Sectional Garage Doors, browse the brochure or contact the RJ Garage Doors Team for further information.
  • Double & Collection Garage Doors -This range of garage doors for double garages or collective garages include three main garage door types, that together offer a wide variety of styles and individual garage design options:
    NT 500
    - The swinging up-and-over garage door NT 500 is suited for double garages in private areas and for collective garages for up to 25 parking spaces.
    ET 500
    - When opening and closing, the non-protruding up-and-over garage door ET 500 swings out only to 30 mm and is therefore optimal for collective garages opening onto pavements.
    ST 500
    - The design of the ST 500 sliding garage door additionally features a low fitting depth in the lintel area.
Commercial & Industrial Doors

  • Perimeter Protection Systems - 4Ddoors' highly-specialised factories develop and produce perimeter protection systems that are marked by their excellent quality and functional safety. RJ Garage Doors offers a wide range of bollards with different functions, road blockers, lift barriers and tyre killers, through to complete control options.
  • High Speed Door Systems - The high opening and closing speeds of spiral and high-speed sectional doors can optimise work processes and significantly accelerate logistics processes in factories or warehouses. Depending on the door type that is chosen, the galvanized, double-skinned garage door panels are guided into a spiral or into tracks. High speed doors also require special safety precautions however the solution for these doors is a standard light grille that is protected inside the side elements of the door. The garage door’s closing zone is monitored here without any contact and further safety and security accessories can be added onto the door options.
  • Loading Technology - All components for your loading bay are available from a single source at RJ Garage Doors: 4Ddoors. 4Ddoors products are optimally co-ordinated, which ensures smooth loading and unloading at your loading bay. RJ Garage Doors can assist with Dock Levellers, Loading Houses, Dock Seals/Shelters, Industrial Doors, Control systems and Dock and safety accessories.
  • Custom Garage Door and Gate Solutions - If you're unable to find a style or door that suits exactly what you're looking for, the RJ Garage Doors Team can work with you to design, build and commission a custom tilt or counterweight garage door or gate! For more options of custom solutions, please browse the gallery or see our other page dedicated to Tilt and Counterweight Garage Doors.

Are you unsure about what would be the best solution for your needs? Contact the RJ Garage Door Team today and we'll work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs!

These products are highly specialised including their installation and business/site requirements. They are unique to the Australian Market and offer long term solutions for high volume or cycle door openings. The RJ Garage Doors Team can discuss the product specifications and details with you directly, to help you find the best product suitable for your needs.

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Features of the Commercial & Industrial Garage Doors from 4Ddoors

Suitable Fitting Solutions

With more than 30 track applications, industrial sectional doors can be optimally matched to the architecture and requirements of your building. Detailed solutions such as low-mounted spring shafts or screw-fitted components additionally facilitate maintenance and make the doors especially service-friendly.

Long-lasting Design

In every detail, the German Industrial Sectional Doors are designed for a long service life: from rollers with ball-bearing via rugged section connections up to the optimal spring shaft equipment. This allows more than 25000 actuations with special equipment up to 200000.
The heavy-duty design lowers the maintenance and service costs, making Hörmann industrial sectional doors overall economic and sustainable

Break-in Resistant as Standard

It is also important for industrial doors to be reliably break-in-resistant to protect your building. The standard anti-lift kit functions mechanically and thus effectively protects your goods and machines during power outages. Additional security is offered thanks to an optional rotary latch and shoot bolt as well as floor locking. Wicket doors are also optimally protected thanks to the optional multiple-point locking. They are protected against break-ins across the entire door height. You can also optionally equip side doors with break-in-resistant RC 2 security equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 4Ddoors Commercial & Industrial Doors

What are the specifications of the Commercial and Industrial Garage Doors?

This is dependent on the product you are looking at and your site needs

These products are highly specialised including their installation and business/site requirements, and specifications vary based on the door, additional hardware and of course your needs.
The experienced team at RJ Garage Doors can discuss you current needs and requirements as well as the product specifications and details with you directly, to help you find the best product suitable for your needs.

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German Design and Excellence. Setting a new standard for Commercial & Industrial Doors

Commercial & Industrial Doors

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